Parvel® represents a new generation of smart baby monitors that will monitor motion and temperature where your child is sleeping. Compared to a traditional baby monitor that only can detect could, Parvel® can discover and send an alarm even when the baby is about to wake up. As a parent you then actually get a chance to reach you baby in time to soothe it and make it fall back asleep if needed, or you will simply be able to just be there once it does.  

SImply place Parvel® where your child is sleeping i.e. in the cradle, bed or pram. Parvel® will send information in real time about your baby's motions to the connected device for you to monitor and will also send an alarm as soon as something happens. All this is made in the background so you can keep using your phone just as you normally would. Parvel® has got your back.  

Parvel® also monitors the temperature where your child is sleeping and will instantly send an alarm if the temperature deviates when you child is sleeping. This is perfect if you baby is sleeping outdoors or if you're going for a walk. Simply place your Parvel® in the pram, under the blanket or in the overall and there is no more guessing what the temperature is or if you have overdressed your baby or not. 

You can also activate/deactivate the individual sensors if needed and set the level of sensitivity so you can tailor the settings to suit your baby!

Small. Simple. Smart.

Monitor your baby indoors aswell as outdoors with Parvel®. 499 SEK incl. VAT (Ord. 599 SEK)


  • Motion - Get instant notifications directly to your phone as soon as Parvel® detects motion
  • Temperature - Keep track of the temperature, perfect outdoors. 
  • Statistics - View graphs and create insights as to when your child is sleeping as best. 
  • Low energy - No charging, no cables. The replaceable battery lasts up to 2 years.
  • Small and Easy to use - Parvel® is only 4x4 cm and is easy to carry and bring at all times.




Download our app from the App Store or Google Play


Through our app you will automatically connect to your Parvel


Place your Parvel where your baby is sleeping i.e. in the bed, in the pram or within the overall

Monitor in real-time

Parvel will monitor motions and changes in temperature in real time and notify you as soon as something happens


I am very happy with my Parvel! It's perfect now in the winter when my baby is sleeping outdoors! 

Sandra, Sweden

Thank you Parvel for a great product! 5/5!

Daniel, Sweden

A perfect little gadget for my baby! I use the motion detection every time my baby is sleeping. So nice to be rid of all cords and chargers. Super easy to use aswell!

Camilla, Sweden

I had no real expectations on this product and have used similar products before. This one however was super easy to use and works great! I can happily recommend it!

Caroline, Sweden


With Parvel you don't have to guess